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Intellectual Property Management

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Fake and pirated products, though a global problem plaguing most developing countries, has become a canker worm in Nigeria. This is because Nigeria has become a favourable destination for fake and pirated products. Counterfeit and pirated products cut across virtually all areas of human consumer goods, including drug, food, books, electrical products, compact disc, software products, textile material and foot wears, among others. It has not only become an instrument of mass destruction, but has ripped many of the dividends of their intellectual property rights.

As a result of the development of market economy in Nigeria, many international companies had become victims of brand infringement and counterfeiting operations. Brand owners needs reliable information and not unsubstantiated claims to make sound business decisions regarding Nigeria and West Africa Market.

We assist international corporations and their outside counsel provide certainty as to existing trademark use prior to a product being launched or to gather solid evidence to put a stop to trademark infringement.

We are expert in brand watchdog and trademark infringement intelligence gathering and intellectual property management. All the relief you need is right in our wheelhouse. We provide international companies the trademark protection and intellectual property infringement investigation, risk assessment and market intelligence so that they can make an un-biase decision needed to put a stop to trademark infringement. Many brand had been counterfeited and the market polluted with fake products. We achieve these by carrying out the following tasks;

  • Investigation and information gathering
  • Tracking
  • Market monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Raid and seizures
  • We strives to create valid and accurate primary market intelligence and investigation using a structured approach, analytic tools and proven analytic methods reinforced by information from secondary sources when appropriate. The rigor of our research methodology yields data we translate into information and knowledge to create insights that leads to innovation and business results for our clients. This solution includes a number of data collection and analytic methods that are designed to enable an inform results.

Our practice areas Includes;

  • Trade Mark/Copyright/Patent/Industrial infringement investigation and information gathering.
  • Trade Mark/Copyright/Patent/Industrial infringement actions;
  • Trade Mark Rectification/Cancellation Court actions;
  • Patent and Industrial Designs Nullity Court actions;
  • Common Law enforcement of intellectual property rights and Passing-off etc;
  • Enforcement and seizure actions with various regulatory authorities, including the Police and the Customs.
  • Cancellation of companies name which infringe existing Trade mark registrations at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC);
  • Enlightenment and awareness campaigns in furtherance of the protection of intellectual property rights;

Commission steps

NokVision will keep clients information and demands as most important and strictly confidential. NokVision does not divulge any information about the investigation or the client. All data is returned to the client at the end of the investigation and we keep every information secret in accordance to the project security agreement. Prior to accepting the clients commission, a security agreement is signed with the client which is valid until the end of the entrusted investigation.

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