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Fogging Security Systems

Fogging Security Systems

Fogging security systems is an addition to the conventional security measures for every facility and it add preventive layer of security to the area. While alarms can alert a person to the presence of an unwanted intruder or an arm robbery event, there are not many options available that directly keep arm robbers from stealing items. Security fog is an immediate obstacle to an armed robbers attempt to steal.When triggered, the system releases an airborne mixture of glycerol  and distilled water. These two ingredients mixed together create a thick fog that obscures all vision and makes it impossible to navigate the area easily. If the robber has already set off the alarm system, the fog prevent the robber from grabbing any items. The mixture leave no residue and it is harmless to humans, animals and electronics.

The problem with armed robbery incident or burglary is not only the loss of goods or products but more the repair of the damage property and mostly the disruptions in the daily business that the result of the break-ins.  Many companies, homes and banks in Nigeria had experience increasing armed robbery cases and break-ins in their facilities. These facilities need some extra security and hence fogging systems is the most effective system that can prevent armed robbery events. The system can easily be integrated into new or existing electronic security system such as video cameras and alarm systems or as a stand-alone solution that fills the protected area with an impenetrable cloud of vapour when intrusion is detected.