Video Hosting

With technology becoming more sophisticated, should you not be using your surveillance system as a management tool? Are you still spending expensive labor nairas to manually swap VHS tapes? Did you temporarily “fix” your CCTV system with a DVR (digital video recorder)? Are you tired of having to purchase a system for four or eight cameras when you really only need 2 or 3? What if you could provide the authorities with the video footage that they need without anyone ever having to leave their desk? If you answered yes to any of the above, you have come to the right place !

Nokvision offers flexible digital network video hosting and video storage solutions to fit any budget !

Hosted Video as a Service (HVaaS) – Off-Site Hosting of Surveillance Video


For the camera hosting solution offered by nokvision, the customer only needs IP or analog cameras and a broadband connection to the Internet. The video is transported over the Internet and is recorded to our remote servers. This solution offers added security by safely storing the digital video out of harm s way from fire or smoke damage, water damage, theft, vandalism or deceit. Customers may access their live or recorded video at any time by logging onto our Member Login area with an authorized username and password. It can also be customized for the customer so that the customer can access live or recorded video from own webpage or website.

Safely store the video from your surveillance cameras off-site at a state-of-the-art data facility. Your video will be stored out of harm s way at a secure location and monitored daily. The video is stored 24 hours per day, not just for short time periods as activated by motion detection. This means that you will have the video available before and after an instance for verification purposes. Should a camera go off-line or quit archiving, our team will quickly notify an authorized person and work with that person to resolve the issue. You will also be notified of any scheduled maintenance. This notification service is included in the monthly fee that is charged to host your archived video.

As a user with the proper username and password you will be able to view the live and stored video from any PC that is connected to the internet with a high speed broad connection. No additional client-side software or PCI board is needed. No on-site relay server is needed.

The BSC communicates directly with the camera or videoencoder for the IP video.

The HVaaS (Hosted Video as a Service) video hosting service is designed for small and large business or residential customers who do not have the space or the desire to have a video recording device at their location. The video is stored on servers that are located at an off-site secure data center. These servers are maintained by the Video Network Operations Center (VNOC) through the Remote Video Support Center services.