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Safeguarding People, Assets and Reputation Since 2007 In Nigeria

Say goodbye to armed robbers in your facility. Protect your valuables in seconds from any intrusions.

What an armed robber CAN’T see – the armed robber CAN’T steal. A fog cannon from nokvision will protect your facility within seconds, making it impossible for the burglar to steal anything!

It is the only active security system that can protect you and your valuables –with or without an alarm system.

What We Do

Fogging Security Systems

Fogging security system is a reactive alarm system that creates a barrier between your valuables and arm robbers that offers protection in seconds to your home, office, facility and possibly to your life against any intrusions or and arm robbery events. Read More

Intellectual Property Management

Nokvision name has been synonymous with trusted, reliable investigation and intellectual property management services for more than 7 years in Nigeria…

Read More

How We Work


Free Consultation

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Project Case Preparation and defence


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Project Done!


What Clients Say About NokVision

"Thank you all at NokVision Limited for your quality and timely project delivery. You guys will go places. Keep it up." - Engr. Uzoma Ufomba (Director Grafton Park Schools Lagos)
"NokVision Limited can easily turn a remote village to a global city. Example is what you can see in Ijare, Ondo State where internet penetration was easily achieved via VSAT with wide connectivity of high speed internet. The JAMB CBT centre perfectly networked also attests to the wishes any prospective client expects. Count on them if you expect good result." - Dr. Abiodun Ojifinni (Director OAR Medical Centre Lagos)
"This is to certify that Afriscope Limited (Now NokVision Limited) undertook the replacement of our CCTV at the Australian High Commission Abuja in June 2013. The work was completed on time and within budget. I would not hesitate to recommend Afriscope and can advise they provided a most professional service with all staff wearing uniforms, safety hats and boots,in itself a rarity in Nigeria. The manager was attentive and responsive in a timely manner to any questions or changes to specifications. Afriscope provided specialist input and advice to the overall project management. If you would like to discuss the matter with me further please do not hesitate to call the Australian High commission and ask to speak with me" - Neil Sanderson (Deputy High Commissioner, Australian High Commission Abuja )
"NokVision equipped me into the world of security systems installation and integration. I will ever be indebted to them." - Nelson, G Anthony (Uyo Cross River State)