In a world full of security threats, the need for skilled, knowledgeable surveillance and  security professionals has never been greater. The experience in the field of surveillance and security is an important component of your value to both your organization and the community. However experience is not enough anymore. Employers need something quantifiable and verifiable to know you have the necessary expertise. To meet this challenge, the Nokvision’ trainings was established as an investment in Nigerian youths both employed and unemployed providing a range of security certification courses in Nigeria and embedded systems curricula to boost competence and confidence about embedded systems, network security integration, design and technology

The surveillance, security, embedded systems and logistics market is changing as older analog and traditional systems converge towards IP based centralized environment. New techniques, applications and integration possibilities are driving the convergence. To succeed in this increasingly competitive market, Nigeria youths need superior skills and expertise on IP-based security and embedded systems and technologies . This will ensure that you are always a step ahead of the competition. Security certification courses in Nigeria offered by a respected accredited organization is becoming indispensable for security and embedded system professionals. Nokvision training program  is the stepping stone towards quantifying and verifying one’s skills in the field of security and embedded system technologies. Nokvision offers range of  security certification courses in Lagos for students willing to start a career in the security industry:

Our two main security certification courses in Nigeria offers students an employments readiness skills required to succeed in the ever changing market

  • Fasttrack – be equipped for that job in 30 days
  • Careerpath – Medium to long term (120 days) diploma in cutting edge I.T Career

At the end of each of our security certification courses in Nigeria, students will:

  1. gain competitive advantage in security and embedded systems technologies and be able to meet the growing demand and thrive in an ever-expanding field
  2. broaden current knowledge of security and embedded system concepts
  3. bring expertise to your current occupation
  4. become more marketable in a competitive workforce
  5. be eligible for more employment opportunities
  6. become self – employed